"If you're going to be a champion, you must be willing to pay a greater price than your opponents (Training Smarter & Harder) ".
- Bud Wilkinson. 
Welcome to Ross Karate - Home of the Ryu-Kai Warriors

Welcome to Our Martial Arts Family!   Your Path to a Better Life!   Home of the Ryu-Kai Warriors 

When you and the people of Merritt Island and the nearby cities come to Ross Karate School to learn martial arts, you don’t just receive martial arts training, but Instructors that are dedicated to helping each one make improvements in Life.

We teach a traditional Okinawan and Japanese martial art whose physical aspects seek the development of defensive and counterattacking of body movements. 

The system is taught by Grand Master Ross and his family which are Christians. 

While its focus is on self-defense, the mental and moral aspects target the overall improvement of the individual. 
Dedicated to enhancing our students

Martial Arts is the learning of many techniques, but at Ross Karate, we focus on teaching our students much more. Martial art is, in some respects, a way of life. We do not mean that certain individuals can earn a living from being in matches or teaching. Martial art is a way of life because it practices mindfulness. When you practice a strike, a throw, or an exercise, the goal is to understand your body and be one with each movement. Eventually the goal is to, in time, be completely present in the moment and learn how to bring out that amount of centeredness when you need it. All the stresses in your life become much more manageable when you know how to find your center and understand that you have the mental tools you need to overcome any problem.