Ross Karate requires the students and instructors to constantly practice and to develop one’s mental aspects, Such as learning to “curb one’s temper, language, actions and thoughts”.  The most serious problem in Martial Arts today is that the instructors and masters do not teach the spiritual aspect of God within the Arts.

Complete training emphasizes development of the traditions, history, ethics and control of the Arts, not just punching, kicking and grappling.   In being a Christian Based Martial Arts it gives the student a variety of well rounded martial arts way of life, strong in spirit, mind, body and Christian Values.

Youth Martial Arts
                  6:15PM til 7:00PM  -  Tuesdays and Thursdays  -  Youth Ages 5 to 9                           

Youth and Adult Martial Arts
7:00PM til 8:00PM  - Tuesdays and Thursdays  -   Ages 7 and UP     


      Ryu - Kai Warriors Training Schedule  
Our mission is to provide high quality, compassionate and caring instruction that is affordable for the whole family.  To be a driving force in the community for personal safety, respect for oneself and others, refinement of character, and of being responsible citizens in the community

We see a way to offer to the community a way to regain family structure, and help the individuals become well rounded in life, and a way for youth to have a positive avenue, rather than a destructive avenue, through the teachings of a true martial arts.  This is the Way of Ross Karate – Roskuno- Ryu.
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